Driftwood Garden Bee motel



An attractive and natural way to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Based around an attractive chunky rustic driftwood piece, these bee hotels have a series of holes drilled into the wood that make perfect nesting places for solitary bees.

These rustic bee hotels are full of real character and would blend in to a variety of garden settings – next to a pond or water feature, or free standing in a sheltered spot on a wall or window ledge.

Right now (Spring time) is the perfect time to introduce a bee hotel to your garden as this is when solitary bees are looking for a safe place to nest.  Solitary bees will use the small holes to lay their eggs and are less likely to sting anyone as they don’t have a hive to protect.

This stunning bee-hotel is freestanding and comes complete with 3 hand carved wooden bees.  If you start seeing bits of mud around the entrance then you know you have some guests in your hotel!
Height: 35cm approx.

Width: 30cm approx

Depth: 20cm approx

Each piece will vary in finish due to the cut and shape of driftwood used, but all are lovely!



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