Reclaimed teak boxes made from old railway sleepers


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Chunky heavy thick teak boxes suitable for a variety of purposes.

Fascinatingly they are made using reclaimed old teak wood – pulled up from old railway sleepers in south Asia.

Teak is a hard wearing, tough tropical hardwood, and it was used on railways due to its durability and toughness. As railways have been modernised, the teak was pulled out and replaced with other materials, leaving the sleepers to be discarded or burnt.

However we are pleased to see this wonderful wood reclaimed, and made into these tremendous wooden boxes.

They are full of character, tough, and chunky.

Inside is one plain wood compartment.

Can be used to store jewellery, pencils, cigars, chopsticks, cards, crystals  etc.

Dimensions: (approx)

length 24cm

width: 10cm

depth: 10cm


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