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Products made from recycled old bicycle chains

Starting on  the streets of Delhi – a city of nearly 10 million people – and hundreds of thousands of bicycles. What happens to the old, broken, and damaged bicycles?

A small company has ingeniously been working at reclaiming these old, oily broken and discarded bicycle parts into attractive, useful and eye catching objects.


The parts are salvaged, (chains, cogs, gears etc) cleaned up, and welded into products such as photo frames, spectacle holders, wine racks etc. Finally they are given a thin protective coating, and packed for sale.

Not only is this an innovative form of recycling, but it also employs skilled workers, in a Fairtrade environment – giving security, fair pay, and a safe working environment to the workers.


As an ethical business, we like to support organisations like this. We feel this background story really adds interest and a “talking point” to these fascinating and quirky products, as well as promoting recycling, and giving good working conditions to the workers.

Customers can also feel comfortable to know that their products are not made in a sweat shop, but carefully made by hand by skilled artisans, receiving fair pay for the work they do.

Have a look in our “recycled and reclaimed” section for more information.




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Sep 03, 2016
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